Sikh Baby Names Starting With H

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Sikh Baby Names That Starts with H List

HabLove, affiliation, friendship, hopeUnisex
HadirBeautiful, stunning, striking, the sound of thunderBoy
HadiyyahGift, reward, souvenir, donation, prizeGirl
HadonFrom the heath (heath meaning- open uncultivated landBoy
Hadrianfascinating, A 2nd-century Roman emperor built a wall across northern Britain.Boy
HadwinWar friend in english, In Teutonic the meaning is Friend in the warBoy
HadwinnFriend in war, an alternative to the spelling of HadwinBoy
HadwynCompanion during the war, Friend during wartimeBoy
HadwyneBuddy in warfare, companion in war timeBoy
HaecciIdealistic, highly imaginative, intuitiveBoy
HaeleLives in the hallBoy
Haemgisla Girl or woman from your own neighbourhoodGirl
HaepA happy womanGirl
HaeselA kind of a nutGirl
Haestingastribes of Anglo-Saxon Britain, Violent, aggressive, fierceBoy
Haethbeorhtdeep inner desire to lead, organize, superviseBoy
HafSummer, the warmest seasonGirl
Hafamild rain, moderate rain,Girl
HafeezProtector, providing shield, Islam God name,Boy
HafeezaGuardian, protector, AmuletGirl
HafezResponsible caretaker, Guardian, Keeper, PreserverBoy
Haffafaglittering, sparkling, shining, slimGirl
HalsteadAn animal shedBoy
HananiahGrace; Mercy; Gift of the LordGirl
HarleeAn altrnate to harleyGirl