Sikh Baby Names Starting With G

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Sikh Baby Names That Starts with G List

GaganbirA brave person from sky or heavenBoy
GaganinderThe master of heavens.Boy
GaganjeetThe one who overcomes the sky.Boy
GaganjeevThe one who lives in the sky.Boy
GaganjitOne who wins over the skyBoy
GaganmeetThe one who is very closer to the sky.Boy
GaganpreetThe one who like the sky a lot.Unisex
GaihargambhirBottomless and thoughtful.Boy
GajanHuge sound or big noise.Boy
GanikaaThe one who is expert in dancing.Boy
GaribIn a very pathetic situation.Girl
GaribnivajOne who sponsors the poor people.Boy
GarjaRefers to bold and courageous.Boy
GatnirmalOne who got delivered by the spiritual powers.Boy
GatsangatOne who has a great company or companionBoy
GatshabadOne who is liberated through teacher's wordsBoy
GatuttamOne who lives independently.Boy
GauravdeepThe up lighter of splendour and beauty.Boy
GauravpreetKind or affection of exaltation.Boy
GeetinderRefers to the lyrics or songs written by the emperor.Boy
GeetleenOne who is fascinated by the blissful songs.Girl
GeetprakashThe light of a song or rhythmBoy
GhamandA person who has a big ego and is very proudBoy
GhamandjeetThe victory of prideBoy
GhamandjotThe light of the prideBoy