Sikh Baby Boy Names Starting With M

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Sikh Baby Names for Boy That Starts with M List

MadanbirA person who is both brave and lovableBoy
MadankirpalA male name of Sikh originBoy
MahanbhagatAn idividual who is exalted and devoted to GodBoy
MahanbirA warrior known for his braveryBoy
MahandeepThe exalted and illustrious light of the lampBoy
MahandevTo love the Highest GodBoy
MahandharamTo belong to the great religonBoy
MahangeetTo sing the great songsBoy
MahanjeetOne who achieved a devine victoryBoy
MahinderOne who is a supreme God, who is the God of GodsBoy
MahinderjeetA victory achieved by the GodsBoy
MahinderjotThe light that the Gods shine upon usBoy
MahinderpalThe one who protects the God of the EartBoy
MahinderpreetOne who is protected by the GodsBoy
MahingaAn extravagant and dear personBoy
MahipaThe one who protects the EarthBoy
MalookA Boy with a tender and delicate personalityBoy
MeetakamalA friend of the Lotus flowerBoy
MeetpalOne who protects and fights for his friendsBoy
MeetraajA Kingdom of friendshipBoy
MeghdeepOne who is like a strike of lightiningBoy
MewaThe creation of a tough job.Boy