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Shatabhisha Nakshatra Baby Names for Girl List

GodavariA Sacred River; Name of a river in India; Granting water, That which bestows prosperityGirl
GodavriA riverGirl
GodbikaEmblem of the goddess gauriGirl
GojaBorn amidst rays, Born of milkGirl
GomeisaGomeisa are optisim and kind hearted persons. They cannot hurt others but can be easily hurt by others.Girl
GomerPeople with this name have a deep inner desire to inspire others and to share their own strongly held views on spiritual matters.Girl
GomezThe one with kind and peaceful heart, ready to help and guide others and to create a peaceful atmosphere.Girl
GomtiGomti are self-centered and dominated persons. They are blunt and preffered to work and live alone; A tributary of the River Ganga (Ganges), According to Hindu mythology, the river is the daughter of the Hindu sage VashistGirl
GoolA flowerGirl
GopaliProtector of cows, A cowherdessGirl
GoparasaMade of the water of the earth, nourished by the earthGirl
GopiProtector of Cows; Derived from the name Gopika; Cow herding Girls famous for their unconditional devotion to Lord Krishna; HerdswomanUnisex
GopikaGopika means the lady who owns and protects the cows. Feminine form of male name Gopi.; Cowherd Girls; Herdswoman, on who protects the herdGirl
GouraName of Goddess ParvatiGirl
GouthamiOther name for the river GodavariGirl
GovindiniBeliever of lord venkateshwaraGirl
SaachA truthful, beloved and graceful personGirl
SaachiA person who is beloved because she speaks the truthGirl
SaahiraA wakeful personGirl
SaajA worshiper of GodGirl
SaanjaliA hand that is claspled in a prayerGirl
SaanjhAn evening, a latter part of the dayUnisex