Serbian Baby Names With Meanings

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Serbian Baby Names List

AcoOne who helps or defends mankindBoy
BiboShort from Ljubo, meaning a peaceloverBoy
BicaShort from Ljubica, meanin a little loveGirl
BodinHe who defends lifeBoy
BogdanHe who was given by God, a Godsent personBoy
BogdanaA woman who is god-givenGirl
BojanOne who fights in battlesBoy
BojanaShe who is a fighter in the battlesGirl
BranimirProtection, harmony and peace of the worldBoy
BranislavProtection of the glory or fameBoy
BrankaThe term used for protection of gloryGirl
BratislavGlory of the brotherBoy
BudimirTo make peaceBoy
BuraShe is like a sea stormGirl
DajanaCreation of GodGirl
DejanOne who imparts knowledge; GodBoy
DraganaA precious person who is mature and filled with empathyGirl
DragosPrecious; they are true natured beingBoy
DragoslavThey are precious and are a gift from God; gloriousBoy
DraisenPrecious and mature personBoy
DunjaThey are sweet like a fruitGirl
Emiljato match or surpass a person or a rival by imitation mostly.Girl
GovranGovIndian are the persons of very restless nature. They cannot sit idle and keep themselves busy all the time.Boy
JaName that means 'Me'Unisex
JagodaA girl sweet as a strawberryGirl