Saxon Baby Names With Meanings

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Saxon Baby Names List

AedithA riches and blessed warBoy
AedithaThe war or riches and blessedGirl
AeldretA wise person, an advisorBoy
AescThe ash tree or the tree of ashBoy
AescaA girl from the ash treeGirl
AescbyOne who lives by the ash treeUnisex
AescfordA water stream by the ash treeBoy
AeschildThe child from the ash treeBoy
AesclaOne who is from the ash tree farmGirl
AescleahThe forest of ash treeGirl
AesclinOne who belongs to the farm of ash treeGirl
AesctunThe town by the ash treeBoy
BrihthereThe bright or shining armyBoy
BrihtiuaThe brightness of a personBoy
BrihtiueThe bright or the brightnessBoy
CeawaThe tree of a manBoy
FromundThe lord who protectsBoy
GedlaOne who belongs to the place called GedlingUnisex
LeuthardA brave person, brave as lionBoy
LeuthereAn Anglo-sexon bishop of WinchesterBoy
MildgythA tender gift, a small oneGirl
MildoinaA mild power of someoneGirl
MildraedSomeone of little strengthGirl
MildredA mild strength personGirl