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Baby names by Alphabet

Name Meaning Gender Favourites
Aabha Glow; Splendour; Light; Brilliance; Bright and Radiant; Glorious Girl
Aabharan jewel, a variant form of name Abharan which means jewel in Sanskrit Boy
Aabhas Sense or Feelings, has a Sanskrit meaning as realization Boy
Aabhass Awareness; A variant name of Abhas which means realization Boy
Aabheer a Cow-herd in Sanskrit, it also means one who is fearless Boy
Aabher a Cow-herd and is variant form of name Aabheer Boy
Aacharya Learned Teacher; a variant of Sanskrit name Acharya; Another Name of Drona Boy
Aadarsh one who has principles in Sanskrit, ideal man; a variant form of name Adarsh, One who has principles Boy
Aadesh an order; a Command; Message; means instruction in Sanskrit Boy
Aadinatha another name of Lord Vishnu or Lord Krishna Boy
Aadisree The primary noble or honoured person Boy
Aadityesh aadityesh has meaning of the ultimate power of the sun, the God Sun Boy
Aagar the word aagra means a person having interest in Music, Excelling in music Boy
Aagarna the word signifies the person having natural, born abilities of music Girl
Aagney Child of Flames; Son of the Fire God ; A variant name is Aagneya; Born from fire Boy
Aalaya Home and refuge Girl
Aami One who is dearly loved Girl
Aamodini Fragrant Girl
Aanal aanal in hindi means Fire Boy
Aanand Joy Or Bliss; Happiness; Delight; Pleasure; Good Fortune; Contentment of Joy Boy
Aanga Yard Boy
Aaradhana Worship; Reverence; Adoration; Devotion; Adulation; Respect; An act of glorifying God Girl
Aaradhya To be worshipped; To be accomplished; To be made favorable; To be adored and respected Girl
Aarav Peaceful, Ray; Hope; Radiating Light; Sanskrit: "peaceful," "melodious sound" Boy
Aarna this is an another name of Goddess Laxmi Girl
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