Rohini Nakshatra Baby Girl Names with Meanings - Rohini Nakshatra Names for Girl

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Rohini Nakshatra Baby Names for Girl List

OccharThe care or affection of or for the charming king.Girl
OdaniyaAnklet; A decorative jewelery worn in anklets by womenUnisex
OdatiRefreshing, The dawnGirl
OdikaAnklet; A decorative jewelery worn in anklets by womenUnisex
OeshiExperiencing triumph or having won.Girl
OghavatiPossessing current, A stream that's flows rapidlyGirl
OjasviName of a Son of Manu; Brave; Possessing Energy ; Bright, SplendidGirl
OjatiStrong, With vital powerGirl
OjobalaHaving power, A deity of the bodhi treeGirl
OmajaThe reward of the holy and spiritual get together.Girl
OmisaGoddess of the sacred syllable, Goddess of birthGirl
OmkariThe most divine Parvathi or Gowri; Religious Word OmGirl
OnaThe number one, the first and foremost.Girl
OppilaaChelviUnique GirlGirl
OppilaaNangaiUnique LadyGirl
OsadhiLight containing, Herb, Medicinal herbsGirl
OshadhipatiLord of herbsGirl
OviyaKodiVine in a Beautiful ArtGirl
OviyamBeautiful ArtGirl
VaagaiName of a Beautiful FlowerGirl
VaahilaName Of AirGirl
VaanadhiMilky WayGirl