Portuguese Baby Names With Meanings

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Portuguese Baby Names List

AbelUsually it means vanity or breath or tansitoryBoy
AbilioOne who is able or an expertBoy
AdaoOne who is the son of AdamBoy
AitanaHigh honorGirl
AnacletoForm of Anacletus; they are complicated and invoke God's mercyBoy
AnaliaA combination of name Ana and Lia; A variant transcription is AnaliyahGirl
BaleiIt symbolizes being inquisitive and intelligent.Girl
BaltasarThe name means ' Protected by God.'Boy
BelmiraA beautiful womanGirl
BeneditaA blessed womanGirl
BeneditoHe who is a blessed oneBoy
BeniPlait of Hair; BlessedBoy
BieitoBlessed, a man with the blessings of the Almighty.Boy
BonifacioA man who has goof faithBoy
BrancaOne who is white and fair in complexionGirl
BrunildaA protector in the battleGirl
CaetanoOne who is from CaietaBoy
CarlotteHer strenght is like a man'sGirl
CascataLike a waterfallGirl
CelestinoA heavenly personBoy
CelioA heavenly body usually used as last nameBoy
CelsoVariant of Celsus; active and majesticBoy
CesariaThe head of hairGirl
ConceicaoConception; the process of conceiving a baby; forming an ideaGirl