Old German Baby Names With Meanings

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Old-German Baby Names List

AgimarIn German agimareans something sharp which could signify a sword which is powerful and a mighty weapon.Boy
Alnodeagle powerBoy
AmaleeA person eager to work hard and achieve heights like a leaderGirl
AthelinaAn old serpentGirl
AubreighA person with magical powersBoy
AubrielA German elf rulerBoy
AubriellaStrength of a GodBoy
AverettOne who is strong like a strong BoarBoy
CharA charming free manUnisex
CharaA man who loves freedom and adventureBoy
CharlaineA charming girlGirl
CharlayneA free, strong personGirl
CharleaAn independent manGirl
CharleenA lively, free personGirl
CharlenaThe one with free willGirl
CharleneA free womanGirl
CharlesVariant of Karl; braveBoy
CharlesonName of town owned by King CharlesBoy
CharlestonName of a place in AmericaBoy
CharleyFreeman; person who has a free mindUnisex
CharliOne with free spiritGirl
CharlineThe one who is born freeGirl
CharlisaBrave womanGirl
CharlotA born Prince who gives orders and is prosperousUnisex
CharlottA born PrinceGirl