Old English Baby Names With Meanings

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Old-English Baby Names List

AballachFather of ModronBoy
AccalonLover of Morgan le FayBoy
AccerlyA hopeful and truth loving person; Oak meadowBoy
AcheflowWhite flowerGirl
AglaralBrother of PercivalBoy
AglavalBrother of PercivalBoy
AhlfrithOswiu's sonBoy
AiwynWise friendBoy
AlfiElf PowerGirl
AlfieCounselor, wise Counselor, Counsel, Peace shortname or nickname for AlfredBoy
AlfredFriend of the elves, Counsel, Old Peace. Its feminine form is AlfredaBoy
AlfredaElf Counsel; Elf Strength; Inspired Advice; counsel, Old Peace; Supernatural Magical Counsel; A form of Elfreda. Its masculine form is AlfredGirl
AlfriElf authorityGirl
AlfridaElf Counsel; Elf Strength; Inspired Advice; Old Peace; Supernatural Magical Counsel; A form of AlfredaGirl
AlfridusVariation of Alfred, means king's nameBoy
AlfriedElf supremacyGirl
AlfriedaElf commandBoy
Alnervariants of the name 'Athelnoth', which is composed of the Old English elements 'athel', noble and 'noth'Boy
AlveenaThe high one who is liked and loved by all and is a recognizable magical friendGirl
AnguyshFather of IsoldeBoy
AntfortasKeeper of the grailBoy
ArthgalloHigh honorBoy
AshaleeOne who dwells near Ash tree forestGirl