Norwegian Baby Names With Meanings

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Norwegian Baby Names List

AnsfridProtected by GodBoy
ArildWar Chief, Battle CommanderBoy
ArwedEagle of the woods; a clear minded and has a good judgementBoy
AsgrimName of a thief; leadership abilityBoy
AudDesorted or isolatedGirl
AudnyNew prosperityGirl
BeorhtelHe who shines with a bright lightBoy
BerdonA Norwegian variant of Berton,BergtorBoy
BeretA glorious and bright individualGirl
BerrantOne who is like a strong bearBoy
BorkOne who is killed by a gunnarBoy
BorreHe who is a great helpBoy
BragiOne who is considered as the God of PoetryBoy
BranderA fiery or sharp swordBoy
BuggaA man of powerBoy
BuggeA powerful manBoy
Eielone who is born to inspire frightBoy
EivindHappy warrior; one who brings peaceBoy
Erecalways mighty.Boy
Erichruler of the people.Boy
Ericka word which means someone who rules the people.Boy
Erickaa feminized form of the name Erick meaning ruler of people.Girl
Ericksonson of Erik; son of ruler.Boy
Ericosomeone who rules the people of a land.Boy
Ericsonson of a ruler named Erik.Boy