Nordic Baby Names With Meanings

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Nordic Baby Names List

AlithA noble sortGirl
AlmetaA pearlGirl
AnnaliesaThe one who is graced with God's bountyGirl
AnnelisseCombination of Anne and Liese; the gracious, loving oneGirl
AnnemariGod is gracious one and he has answered the prayersGirl
AssarYounger form of AnswarBoy
AudunA person who is a friend of wealthBoy
BeadohildA battle fightGirl
DalmarThe one who is very versatileBoy
EllikaOne who cannot be defeatedGirl
GislaGisla means Pledge, Hostage.Girl
GisliGisli means Ray of SunshineBoy
GisllicaGisllica means The Rays of SunchineGirl
GitteThe name Gitte means To HelpGirl
GittyGitty means High, MightyGirl
GjertrudThe name means The Strenght of the SpearGirl
GudmundurIt is a modernized version of the old Nordic name Guðmundr. It means Gods protection or Protected by God, from the two words 'gudr' which means god and 'mund' which means protection.Boy
Gunbattle or fightGirl
GundaWar, Female warrior and FightGirl
GunelMother of kingsGirl
GunhildWar and Battle, derived from the words gunnr which means'war' and hildr means 'battle'.Girl
GunhildaGunhilda version of Gunhild and means Battle War.Girl
GunillaBattle Maid.Girl
GunnThe name Gunn originates from Old Nordic Mythology and an Old Nordic word 'gunnr'? which means War or Battle.Girl
GunnarFighter, Soldier and AttackerBoy