Native American Baby Names With Meanings

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Native-American Baby Names List

AdsilaNative American-Iroquoian - BlossomGirl
AhanuHe laughsBoy
Ahtahkakoopstar blanket in Cree. This was the name of an early 19th-century Cree chiefBoy
AhuitzotlAhuitzotl was the eighth Aztec ruler, the Hueyi Tlatoani of the city of TenochtitlanBoy
AkandoAmbush; has power and wealthBoy
AkiktaWork with determination; excels in everythingBoy
AloSpiritual guide (Hopi)Boy
ApiatanNative American - Wooden Lance;Boy
AsahaveyBird Chief; a perfect leaderBoy
AtahladteNative American for feather on the headUnisex
AtotoztliSomething which is not very clearGirl
AucamanWild condorBoy
AviajaA cousin; expressive and positiveGirl
AvonacoA lean Bear; they are travel loverBoy
AwenaTime of early day or sunriseUnisex
AwendeaOne who is a beautiful morningGirl
AwendelaFawn; they are interestingGirl
AwinitaOne who loves social life; fawnGirl
AxayacatlA water faced individualBoy
AxeOne who is the father of peaceBoy
AyitaFirst To DanceGirl
AylenA clear individual; happinessGirl
BehithaEagle Child; the beginning of an eventUnisex
BidabanBeginning of Dawn; an excellent human beingBoy