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Baby Names List

AatrayiA RiverGirl
AbaiThe Nile RiverGirl
AbasinThe other name of Indus RiverBoy
AberforthIn Gaelic, this name means 'from the river'Boy
AbernathyThis British name means beginning or starting point of the riverBoy
AcchodaLimpid Water; With Clear Water; Refers to a riverBoy
AframA River In Ghana, AfricaBoy
AlaknanadaYoung Girl, A riverGirl
AlfordEnglish - old river crossing orford; Old English - inspired advice, Old Peace; A variant of name AlfredBoy
AltinOld English: Town at the river source; A variant name of AltonBoy
AmaravathyFlowing RiverGirl
AniruddhaUncontrolled; Unrestrained; Without Obstacles; Name of Grandson of Lord Krishna; 1. Unobstructed; unopposed. 2. Son of Pradyumna and grandson of Krishna, the husband of Usa and father of Vajra, a part incarnation of Brahma and Visnu (Bhagavata); an Arhat and contemporary of Sakyamuni (J.S. Kosa); a Vrsni (M. Bh.).Boy
AnupaA pond; they are of a kind; Unequalled; abounding in water; Unique.; bank of river; a rsi.Unisex
ArazName of a riverUnisex
ArosFrom the river's mouth.Boy
AshitaSuccess; River YamunaGirl
AtilTurkish - Big RiverBoy
AtreyiName of a famous river; Receptacle of glory, A riverUnisex
AtwaterFrom the Water Edge; Someone who lived by the River or LakeBoy
AvishiThe mother Earth; riverGirl
BakavatiWith the qualities of a heron, A riverGirl
BanksEdge of the RiverUnisex
BarwonBarwon is Aboriginal for 'Wide River'Boy
BeardaA river bankGirl
BekkrWhere the river narrowsBoy