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Baby Names List

AadamMalay version of Adam, meaning 'father of mankind', EarthBoy
AaditeySon of Aditi ; refers to being son of the Earth or son of Mother of GodBoy
AaditeyaSon of Aditi ; refers to being son of the Earth or son of Mother of GodBoy
Aadyathe word signifies the first; Mother Earth, it is also the name of Goddess DurgaGirl
Aavanithe First month of tamil calendar, EarthGirl
AbalaBasic meaning is The Earth; Immovable. This name makes you confident & versatile.Girl
AbaniPlanet EarthBoy
AchalaEarth, steady, mountain; ConstantGirl
AdamiMy Man; Red; Earthy; HumanBoy
AdamoSon of Red Earth; First man to come to lifeBoy
AdankAdank is Swiss variant of Adam and means earthBoy
AddamSon of the Red Earth; A variant of name AdamBoy
AddisSon of Adam; Son of the Red Earth; A derivative of name AdamBoy
AditiGuest; Mother of God; The Earth; representing the hospitable nature; Freedom, SecurityUnisex
AdyaGoddess Durga; First, The earthGirl
AhiFawn; Serpent; Cloud; Water; Sun; Heaven and Earth Conjoined;Unisex
AnnaName of a King; Food; Grain; Earth and Water; God; 1. Grain. 2. Grain which in a mystical sense is considered the coarsesr envelope of Visnu, the Supreme Spirit; Earth and Water.Boy
AvaniMother Earth who provides nourishmentGirl
AvanindraKing of the Earth; Lord of the earth;Boy
AvanishGod of the Earth; Lord of the earth;Boy
AvishiThe mother Earth; riverGirl
AvneeshGod of the Earth; One of the many names of Lord GaneshBoy
AvnendraGod of the Earth; One of the many names of Lord GaneshBoy