Muslim Baby Unisex Names With Meanings

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Muslim Baby Names for Unisex List

Aalamaalam has a meaning of World or universe, the one belonging to the whole WorldUnisex
AatiqIn case of a girl it means a very Young women while in case of a Boy it has a meaning of Liberated, Independent or Free; Kind affectionateUnisex
AbnusA dark colored wood that do not sink, ebonyUnisex
Ahdafgoals, targets, objectivesUnisex
AimalDesire, wish; HopeUnisex
AlmasSanskrit - A Diamond; Adamant; Brightness; A variant transcription is AlmaasUnisex
AmalBright; Clean; Pure; Unblemished; Hope; Aspiration; Guiltless, A female companion, Daughter of companionUnisex
AmayaGuileless, not cunning or free from deceit ; The beautiful night rainUnisex
AnjumThey are bright and have everlasting light like those of stars; StarUnisex
AzyanAdornment or decoration.Unisex
BirjisPlanet; Planet JupiterUnisex
BujA person like a lotus flowerUnisex
CaileyA fair and slim darlingUnisex
DaanaA knowledgeable personUnisex
DaulatOne who brings good fortune; Wealth, Empire, StateUnisex
DilberA lover; a romantic personUnisex
DuhaBefore noon, Morning; time of forenoonUnisex
EmaanVictorious; Pious; God Fearing; Devoted to God; Faith in religionUnisex
Emanthis name means faith or belief.Unisex
FarjThe first light of the daybreakUnisex
FarqadA two bright stars of Ursa MinUnisex
FarqadinTwo stars near the poleUnisex
FarvardinOne who protects the good and the pureUnisex
FatinA very smart Boy; intelligent, sagacious; A woman who is captivatingUnisex
GoharDiamond, Precious stone and GemUnisex