Muslim Baby Names Starting With C

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Muslim Baby Names That Starts with C List

CahilA young and naive manBoy
CaileyA fair and slim darlingUnisex
CailieSlim and darling beloved womanGirl
CalianaA princess for whom a place was built in SpainGirl
CaliannaA princess. A splendid place in SPain was built for herGirl
CanOne who is full of spirit, life and heartBoy
CancandancAllah's lightGirl
CandaninHe is sincere and honesBoy
CandonA sincere and honest manBoy
CareemA man with generous personalityBoy
CariaShe who flows like a waterGirl
CasAn imperial manBoy
CasildoThe one who carries a lance.Boy
CasparA man whou guards the treasureBoy
CasparaShe who is the keeper of treasureGirl
CasperOne who is a treasurerBoy
CassemMuslim Boy nameBoy
ChaghamaA type of folk music in Afghanistan.Girl
ChakirThe chosen one.Boy
ChamaliThe one who serves water.Boy
ChangazAn extremely brave man.Boy
CharleshChief of the tribe.Boy
ChashidaAn experienced man.Boy
ChavdarDerived from a Persian word meaning leader, dignitary.Boy