Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With H

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Muslim Baby Names for Girl That Starts with H List

HaalimaDreamer, VisionaryGirl
HababahA Daughter of Ajlan; She was a Narrator of HadithGirl
HaboosName of a kind and benevolent lady who once lived in Lebanon.Girl
HaedaA woman who regrets a lotGirl
HaemahCrazy in love, extreme in love, Mad in loveGirl
HafeezaGuardian, protector, AmuletGirl
HajiraThe wife of Prophet Ibrahim. Name of Prophet Ismaeel's mother.Girl
HajjahA female narrator of Hadith.Girl
HalifaFriend, or ones who always stay together.Girl
HamdaPraise, Laudation of allahGirl
HamdiyaA woman with a noble and admirable personality.Girl
HamiaOne with a sense of honor.Girl
HamidahPraising Allah, Praiseworthy, AppreciativeGirl
HamnahA female narrator of Hadith.Girl
HanaanCompassion, Affection, LoveGirl
HanafiTrue believer, One important sect of IslamUnisex
HaneeshaBeautiful NightGirl
HanfaName of the wife of Sayyidina Ismail (AS)Girl
HanimaA WaveGirl
HarirSilk, Silken clothUnisex