Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting With T

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Muslim Baby Names for Boy That Starts with T List

TaabishModerate and comfortable heatBoy
TaafeefPraise or hymn of GodBoy
TaahirChaste, modestBoy
TaaiSubmissive to another's willBoy
TaajwarOne who has power to rule a kingdomBoy
TaalibA student, seeker of knowledgeBoy
TaalimSky, high up aboveBoy
TaamirOne who knows datesBoy
TaanishFrom an indian word means goodBoy
TaatheerSuccessful in producing a desired resultBoy
TabaarakOne is blessed; Greatly revered or respectedBoy
TabarakConsecrated, glorifiedBoy
TabariA famous HistorianBoy
TabarikTo be Magnified GreatlyBoy
TabarusRecall someone or something in mindBoy
TabbahAnother Name of Madina CityBoy
TabbarFamily, Caste, RaceBoy
TabbasumSmile happinessUnisex
TabeenFollowers, Those Who BelieveBoy
TabibDoctor, someone who cures the sickBoy
TabrezChallenging, showing openlyBoy
TabsheerA person who brings good news.Boy
TadeenThe one who informs.Boy
TafadhdhalAn obligation or commitment to someoneBoy
TafadzwaIn shona it means we are pleasedUnisex