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Moola Nakshatra Baby Names with Meanings

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Moola Nakshatra Baby Names List

BaalaChild; Young Girl; Young Offspring; Junior; Infant; Baby; YouthfulBoy
BaalaadityaRisen Sun;Boy
BaalaajiOne of the many names of Lord Vishnu; Another name of Lord VenkateswaraBoy
BaalaarkThe Rising Sun; Red Radiant Sun of DawnBoy
BaalagopaalBaby Krishna; One of many names of Lord Krishna to refer to his young formBoy
BaalanLittle Boy; Young Boy; Infant Boy; Youthful Boy; JuniorBoy
BaalarajuYouthful Strongness; Powerful and Mighty BoyBoy
BaalkrishanBaby Krishna; One of many names of Lord Krishna to refer to his young formBoy
BaanGod's Hymns; God's Bajan'sBoy
BaanbhattName of an Ancient Poet; Smart and Knowledgeable; Bright and RadiantBoy
BaaniAnother name of Goddess Saraswati; EarthGirl
Periodic Table of Elements
BaankeOne of many names of Lord Krishna refering to his Bright and Radiant natureBoy
Baanke BihaariAnother name of Lord KrishnaBoy
BaaodhavHumanitarian; One who has great respect for human valuesBoy
BaapiraajuStatus Oriented; Well off and powerfulBoy
BaasuRich; Wealthy; Well-off; ProsperousBoy
BabaSweet Baby; Born on Thursday; Young LadBoy
BabalaAbove; Elder; Older; One who is biggerBoy
BabanWinner; Victorious; SuccessfulBoy
BabatLucky; Fortunate; Blessed; Privileged;Boy
BabaySmall KidGirl
BabbaghaParrot; A variant of name BabghalBoy
Babhrivictorious, carrying awayBoy
BabhruMan with Fierce and Brown hair; One of many names of Lord Krishna; Son of DhurvaBoy