Middle East Baby Names With Meanings

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Middle-East Baby Names List

AanisahPious-hearted lady, one who is good-natured.Girl
Abd al AlimServant of all knowingBoy
Abd al BariServant of AllahBoy
Abd al HakimServant of the wiseBoy
Abd al JabbarServant of mightyBoy
Abd al MatinServant of strongBoy
Abd al QadirServant of capableBoy
Abd al RashidServant of the guided.Boy
Abd al SamiServant of all hearing.Boy
Abd er RahmanServant of the merciful one.Boy
Abu al KhayrOne who does goodBoy
ArqaOne having refined tastes.Boy
AshakiOne who is beautifulGirl
AymelekMoon angelGirl
AymilMiddle Eastern form of Emil, meaning excellent.Boy
AyperiMoon fairyGirl
BarakaaBlessings or abundance.Boy
BassaymThe smiling one.Boy
BassmaA smileBoy
CasildoThe one who carries a lance.Boy
ChakirThe chosen one.Boy
Diya Al DinOne who shines like a shining religious faith; Brightness of the faith.Boy
DymekLover of earth.Boy