Magha Nakshatra Baby Girl Names with Meanings - Magha Nakshatra Names for Girl

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Magha Nakshatra Baby Names for Girl List

MaadharasiQueen of WomenGirl
MaahiLove, adorationGirl
MaaisaWaling with a proud gaitGirl
MaalaiGarland of FlowersGirl
MaanasiA sound minded womanGirl
MaanikaA red coloured jew, the Ruby ; Agemstone - RubyGirl
MaardavaA gentle, tender feelingUnisex
MaargaliName of an Auspicious MonthGirl
MaariyammalProsperous, Goddess of RainGirl
MaayaGoddess LakshmiGirl
MadalasaLazy with intoxication, languid, IndolentGirl
MadanarekhaThe path of kama, The mother of vikramadityaGirl
MadhavasriVernal beautyGirl
MadhaviA Flowering Creeper; Hindu Goddes Lakshmi; Sweet, Intoxicating DrinkGirl
MadhavilataA flowering creeper; A combination of name Madhavi and LataGirl
MadhioliAn intelligen personGirl
MadhuHoney-sweet person; Honey, NectarUnisex
Madhu priyaA person who loves the sweet honeyGirl
MadhubarshiA sweet melodyGirl
MadhubratiOne who is like a honey beeGirl
MadhuchandraA girl sweet as a MoonGirl
MadhudharaStream of honeyGirl