Lebanese Baby Names With Meanings

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Lebanese Baby Names List

AahadUnity, oneness, harmonyBoy
AatazazSomeone important or servant of the mighty.Boy
AbdelServant Of God; Servant of AllahBoy
AbilaBeautiful and healthy.Girl
AbroudA fair and beautiful girl.Girl
AdelineA variant of Adela, meaning noble.; A form of AdelaideGirl
AntaniosA successful and flourishing manBoy
AssiA beautiful and fair god or goddessBoy
AybakThis name refers to Qutb-Ud-Din Aibak. It means slave or messenger.Boy
BadahA person who is broad minded.Girl
BaqilA young and handsome blokeBoy
BariqaLightning, shining or fast.Girl
BarjeesJupiter or a star of the 6th sky.Boy
BattahLebanon surnameBoy
BazifTo be proud of something.Girl
BukhdanSomething that's sleek, smooth and tender.Girl
ByblosMy father is joyBoy
CharbelNarration of story of GodBoy
CylaFrom the ancient times.Girl
DaiamEverlasting or permanent.Boy
DasiaLebanese term for daisy flower, excellenceGirl
DelkashAttraction, charm and fascination.Girl
EessaLebanese variation of Jesus. It means devoted to God.Boy
FarezAn eloquent person.Boy