Korean Baby Names With Meanings

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Korean Baby Names List

Ae-ChaA loving daughterGirl
Baek HyeonBaek means older brother and Hyeon means worthy and virtuous. Hence, the name means virtuous brotherBoy
Beom SeokBeom means model, rule or pattern and Seok means like a rock. Hence, the name means pattern of a rock.Boy
BitgaramLight riverBoy
Bon-HwaOne who is glorious.Boy
BongA mythical bird, probably phoenixBoy
Bong-ChaThe ultimate girlGirl
Chin-HaeTruth or depth of the ocean.Boy
Chin-HwaThe most prosperous and wealthiest of all.Boy
Chin-MaeTruth, a person who always speaks the truth.Boy
Chin-SunThe one who seeks truth and goodness in everything, truth and goodnessGirl
Choon-HeeA girl born at the time of spring.Girl
ChulFirm; something that is neither soft nor very hardBoy
Chul-MooThe weapon of ironBoy
Chun HeiJustice and graceGirl
Chung AeNoble and loveBoy
Chung ChaNoble and daughterGirl
Chung-ChaA righteous and chaste girl.Girl
Chung-HeeOne who is righteous and dutiful.Boy
Chung-HoA righteous lakeBoy
CourageBravery; Strong; one with a lot of courageBoy
DaTo attainUnisex
DaeThe great one; shiningUnisex
Dae-HoA great personality, greatBoy
Dae-HyunGreat and honorBoy