Judaism Baby Unisex Names With Meanings

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Judaism Baby Names for Unisex List

AbiahMy father is YahwehUnisex
BricheveTo recieve a blessingUnisex
CalA devoted personUnisex
DobreIn Judaism it means good or kindUnisex
GalileeRebellion or uprising.Unisex
Graynagrayna is used as a surname. It means beautiful. Or beauty with intelligence.Unisex
HajjPilgrimage to the Holy City of MakkahUnisex
HeA harmonu and peace th eriver bringsUnisex
HeavenA paradise, a promised landUnisex
JaetynA modern created name, a gracious personUnisex
JeeTo know or the wisdomUnisex
JennieWhite waveUnisex
JessamynFragrant flowerUnisex
Jozefienthey learn lessons from their life and are simple going persons. They are open and joyful spirit.Unisex
Jujipeople with this name are intense and know how to live their lives. they have a unique and attractive personality.Unisex
Julijpeople with this name are joyful and have a spark in nature. They are strong, courageous and live their life to the fullest with out any regret.Unisex
Juliuszthey do value their self respect a lot. Have unique personality and live their life well. good sense of humour.Unisex
KerenKerem means VineyardUnisex
KerriThe descendants of Ciar. name of a county of IrelandUnisex
KevalyaThe name means AlonenessUnisex
KhuyenThe name means To Give AdviceUnisex
KiKi means The One who has ArisenUnisex
KieveKieve is a mythical nameUnisex
KiffenKiffen means To Smoke MarihuanaUnisex
KileyKiley means GracefulUnisex