Judaism Baby Unisex Names Starting With M

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Judaism Baby Names for Unisex That Starts with M List

MaardavaA gentle, tender feelingUnisex
MaayanFresh as a spring of waterUnisex
MaccaCommon nickname in English speaking countries for someone whose surname begins with Mac or Mc meaning son ofUnisex
MaddenPuppies, small dogsUnisex
MadiganA dog, mastiffUnisex
MadridA place name, Madrid in SpainUnisex
MagadhaA historical kingdom MagadhaUnisex
MaggotThe larva of the flyUnisex
MagicA supernatural power, an illusionUnisex
MahajanPeople worthy of respect, an Indian titleUnisex
MahalathA person whose singing is like the sound of the harpUnisex
MahitaA person who creates greatness; Honoured, Celebrated, The trident of Lord ShivaUnisex
MahlahA weak or sickly personUnisex
MahogonyA type of a wood, a Mahogony treeUnisex
MaineFrench word for mainlandUnisex
MakiFinnish meaning is Hill, while in Japanese Maki means TrueUnisex
MakokA place name, one who is from the town Makok in ThailandUnisex
MakotoA sincere personUnisex
MamgainAn idian surnameUnisex
ManajitOne who controls the mindUnisex
ManasieA person who alwazs listens to the voice of its heartUnisex
ManatOne who believes in fateUnisex
ManavdeepThe lamp of the mindUnisex
ManilaA place name, from the Philippenese town ManilaUnisex
ManipuraA city of jewels. Also a name of the third primary ChakraUnisex