Judaism Baby Unisex Names Starting With L

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Judaism Baby Names for Unisex That Starts with L List

LahariLahari means WaveUnisex
LaikonA water body, one wo lives by the water lake or water streamUnisex
LakenFrom the LakeUnisex
LambA person with a young mindUnisex
LandryThe one who rules the landUnisex
LanglauaAn angel who once inhabited in EnglandUnisex
LaramieTear that are shed out of loveUnisex
LarkenA bird Lark with extravagan singing that is a symbol for Love and DaybreakUnisex
LashawnA person who has felt the graciousness of the GodUnisex
LavaughanThe small or the little of somethingUnisex
LaveAn individual who has power, authorithy and colntrolUnisex
LavernA land of trees, WoodlandUnisex
LaveyBrought together, Joined, an Union of two peopleUnisex
LavonGerman word for yew treesUnisex
LawrenA shoreline indentation, a bayUnisex
LeChinesee word for joyUnisex
LegacyHeritage, Legacy, What a person leaves behindUnisex
LegendA story of the past that is often fictitiousUnisex
LeightonHe who came from the town near the meadowUnisex
LekaA protector and defender of the peopleUnisex
LennonThe one who is very dearUnisex
LeonidemThe one who has the qualities of a LionUnisex
LeroneMy Song in HebrewUnisex
LeslieA yard, a field of holinessUnisex
LeueA Bohemian surname that means LionUnisex