Judaism Baby Names Starting With M

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Judaism Baby Names That Starts with M List

MackynzieThe son who has a handsome fatherBoy
MaclaineSon of the lionBoy
MaclarenSon of LarenBoy
MaclayAn amiable and youthful personBoy
MacleanSon of a beautiful manBoy
MacleodSon of an unattractive manBoy
MacmillanSon of a bald manBoy
MaconMaker, one who makes thingsBoy
MacoyOne from the linden tree hillBoy
MacraeA gracious sonBoy
MacrinaShe who is growingGirl
MacsenThe greatest oneBoy
MacvdecetiA sensitive, decent and good individualBoy
MacvtreniOne who has a modern attitude and is tolerantBoy
MacyHill, one who comes from the hillsGirl
MadaileinMagnigicent oneGirl
MadalenGirl from the towerGirl
MadalenaHebrew - Of Magdala; Variant transcription of MagdalenaGirl
MadaleneA woman from MagdalaGirl
MadalieFrom Madeline, means towerGirl
MadalinaOf Magdala, a place name that means towerGirl
MadalineA place name, From Magdala a village in GalileeGirl
MadalynShe who comes from a towerGirl
MadalynnA woman who is from a towerGirl
Madan gopalAn name for Lord KrishnaBoy