Judaism Baby Names Starting With M

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Judaism Baby Names That Starts with M List

MacScottish and Irish prefix meaning son ofBoy
MacaA person who is happy and culturedGirl
MacaireThe one who is graciously blessedBoy
MacalisterThe son of AlasdairBoy
MacallSon of the chief in battleBoy
MacallanA son of a handsome manBoy
MacallisterSon of the defender of mankindBoy
MacaraOne who brings joy and happinessGirl
MacarenaThe blessed oneGirl
MacarioSpanish name meaning happyBoy
MacarnyThe name given to the son of ArtanBoy
MacaulayThe son of Olaf, son of the battle chiefBoy
MacaylaA gift of GodGirl
MacayleOne who is God-likeGirl
MaccaCommon nickname in English speaking countries for someone whose surname begins with Mac or Mc meaning son ofUnisex
MaccabeeAramic origineted, meaning hammerBoy
Maccabiused to refer to one of the MaccabeesBoy
MaccaulaySon of righteousnessBoy
MacchaA variant of Macha; Hebrew - One who raises (brings up); Irish - PlainBoy
MaccvtreniOne who has strong inner strength and is expressiveBoy
MaceGift of God; a medieval weaponBoy
MaceeFrench name describing a weaponBoy
MacellaShe who is warlikeGirl
MaceoSpanish name, Gift of GodBoy
MaceyGiven by GodGirl