Judaism Baby Names Starting With M

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Judaism Baby Names That Starts with M List

MaatangA coud roamnig the skiesBoy
MaatangaIndian name meaning ElephantBoy
MaawiyaA man as sly as a foxBoy
MaayanFresh as a spring of waterUnisex
MabA girl of high spirits, a happy personGirl
MabbeEnglish surname meaning loveableBoy
MabelleMy beautiful oneGirl
MabilA lovely oneGirl
MabileThe lovable oneGirl
MabiliaAdorable, lovable oneGirl
MabilieAmiable, adorable personGirl
MabillStar of the sea; beloved oneGirl
MabillaAmable oneGirl
MabillaeA girl who is easy to love and admireGirl
MabilliaThe one who is loved and admiredGirl
MabishanInteligent and hardworkingBoy
MableThe lovable oneGirl
MableyA sweet, amiable personGirl
MabliOne who is admired and lovedGirl
MablyDelightful, loved oneGirl
MabotaInfinite, endlessGirl
MabreyOne who brings joy and happinessBoy
MabryA divine and blessed oneGirl
MabyleOne who is holy or blessedBoy
MabynYoung and youthful girlGirl