Judaism Baby Names Starting With L

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Judaism Baby Names That Starts with L List

La cienegaLa cienega means SwarmpGirl
LaaekLaaek means Still WaterGirl
LaajbirThe name means Highly RespectfulBoy
LaaraLaara means Famous WomanGirl
LabanLaban means WhiteBoy
LabangaLabanga means ClovesBoy
LabangalataThe meaning of the name is Flowering creeper plantGirl
LabaniLabani means The woman who is full of GraceGirl
LabiLabi means She Moves in a Slow MannerGirl
LabonLabon means White, BrightBoy
LabonitaLabonita means Beautiful OneGirl
LaborThe name means TO WorkBoy
LabronnaLabronna means The One with Brown HairGirl
LacLac comes from a town name in NormandyBoy
LacaLaca is a name that derives from a Town in NormandyGirl
LaceLace comes from a French Nobelman's surnameGirl
LaceeThe name comes from a Normandian Nobleman and a Town in NormandyGirl
LaceneLacene was a French Noble Surname, after the Town in NormandyGirl
LaceyThe name derives from French Normandian TownGirl
LachLach means Person who lives near a WaterBoy
LacheLache means His habitat is near WaterBoy
LachlanThe name means The NorwegianBoy
LaciLaci means The Glory of the RuleBoy
LaciaLacia means Tender like a LaceGirl
LaciannLaciann means The Famous RulerBoy