Judaism Baby Names Starting With K

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Judaism Baby Names That Starts with K List

KaamlaKaamla means Lotus or Pale RedBoy
KaavyKaavy name means Poetry in MotionGirl
KadieannKadieann means Rhyming, PureGirl
KadienceThe name Kadience means RhythmGirl
KadienneKadienne means a rhythmic flow of soundsGirl
KaelahHebrew - Crowned with laurel; Celtic - Church; Monastery; Descendant; A variant of KailaGirl
KaeleeHebrew - Crowned with laurel; Celtic - Church; Monastery; Descendant; A variant of KailaGirl
KahlKahl name means BaldBoy
KailaHebrew - Crowned with laurel; Celtic - Descendant of CaollaidheGirl
KaisaKaisa name means She that is PureGirl
KaitenKaiten name maens Prince of the CloudsBoy
KalapremKalaprem means Loves the ArtBoy
KaleenaKaleena means is The Name of the FlowerGirl
KaleighiaHappiness or a bliss, flowersGirl
KalemKalem means DoveBoy
KalenaKalena is a flower name in Polish and CzehGirl
KalimohanThe name means Devoted to Goddes KalliBoy
KalixKalix name means to Be PraisedBoy
KalmanKalman means Strong and MasculineBoy
KamalajKamalaj means Lord BrahamaBoy
KamellaKamella means A Name of the FlowerGirl
KanakabatiA Fairy TaleGirl
KanakachapaMeans Sweet Scent of the Tree FlowerGirl
KanakachompakThe name means The Sweet Scent of the FlowerGirl