Judaism Baby Boy Names Starting With Y

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Judaism Baby Names for Boy That Starts with Y List

YaelMountain goatBoy
YaghoubAssyrian form of Jacob, meaning to heel.Boy
YagilHe will rejoiceBoy
YanBulgarian form of Ioanne, meaning Jehovah has been gracious.Boy
YankelYahweh may protect.Boy
YaredA Hebrew form of Jared, meaning rose.Boy
YazdanOne who is mild and merciful; KindBoy
YechezkelGod will strengthenBoy
YechielMay God liveBoy
YedidyaBeloved of GodBoy
YehochananGod is graciousBoy
YehoshuaYahweh is salvation.Boy
YehudaGod will be praisedBoy
YerachmielGod will have mercyBoy
YerielFounded by GodBoy
YeshayahuGod is salvationBoy
YigalHe will redeemBoy
YirmiyahuGod will upliftBoy
YishaiA form of Jesse, meaning gift; Gift (father of King David)Boy
YisraelTo struggle with GodBoy
YissacharThere is a rewardBoy
YitzhakA form of Isaac. It means he laughs or laughter.Boy
YochananYahweh is merciful.Boy
YoelGod is willingBoy