Judaism Baby Boy Names Starting With T

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Judaism Baby Names for Boy That Starts with T List

TalmunOne who is oppressedBoy
TaloreOne who is like a light dewUnisex
TamahA smiting oneBoy
TamerHe is a palm treeBoy
TaneliHe who is judged by GodBoy
TarahOne who is banishedBoy
TashaunGod is mercifulBoy
TavasA peacockBoy
TavorianMisfortunate oneBoy
TayshaunGod's gift of hopeBoy
TeiveYahweh is good.Boy
TekoaA trumpetBoy
TelA ford by the cliffBoy
TemanThe right handBoy
TeomA twinBoy
TerahTo breathe in a scentBoy
TesherA present, a giftBoy
TevelOne who is dearly lovedBoy
ThanielGift of GodBoy
TibonLover of nature.Boy
TideThe knowledge of elevationUnisex
TikvahA gathering of faithful people, hopeBoy
TimnaTo restrain or to holdUnisex
TimnahTo held from, forbidden, restrainedUnisex