Judaism Baby Boy Names Starting With O

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Judaism Baby Names for Boy That Starts with O List

OakdenIt is referring to the Hindu deity Lord ram as the infatuated person.Boy
OakesCombination of two words 'Mohan' that means Charming and 'Babu' means sir or man.Boy
OaklandAn enchanting brave person.Boy
OakleeThe servant of Lord krishna (a Hindu deity)Unisex
OakleighSouth Indian variant of Mohandas that means servant of Lord Krishna.Unisex
OakleyA charming lamp or a lamp that gives a charming light.Unisex
OaklyKind and compassionate, Lord KrishnaUnisex
OaksThe charming Lord The god is fascinatingBoy
OatesCombination of words 'Mohan' and 'Meet' that combinely means the charming love or charming friend.Boy
ObadiahRefers to the lover of a charming person. Also the one who loves Krishna.Boy
ObamaThe enchanting support to someone.Boy
ObanAn Enchanting brave person who is infatuated for his bravery.Boy
ObedienceOne who is trustworthy, One who can be loved or trusted.Unisex
OberonThe soul or the purest blood out of the heart.Boy
OberronA beautiful or attractive girl.Boy
ObertThe one who believes that there is only One AllahBoy
ObiOne with the beautiful essence, who has the quality of charming aroma. Also, one who have the quality to charm others.Boy
ObieAn attractive personBoy
ObinnaCombination of Sanskrit words 'Moh' and 'Under' that means the charm of a King.Boy
ObrechtOne who is the guardian of the charming King. A protector of the fascinating king.Boy
OccaA person who is categorized by his mother landBoy
OceanSpell variant of Mohinder that means a fascinating king.Unisex
OceanusA South-Indian version of the Mohit that means charmed over Lord Krishna.Boy
OcelfaAn Arabic term to the one who revives the religion. The title of Sufi Saint Abdul Qadir Jilani.Boy
OcgaA grateful, authentic and outspoken personBoy