Judaism Baby Boy Names Starting With N

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Judaism Baby Names for Boy That Starts with N List

NaagThe huge snake, a serpentBoy
Naag-raajThe King of the serpents, one who possess serpents.Boy
NaagarjunThe superior among the serpents.Boy
NaagchandThe serpent, the serpent possessor.Boy
NaagpalThe person who is the redeemer of the serpents; Saviour Of Serpents (The Cobras)Boy
NaagraajThe serpent KingBoy
NaalA well-known birth that is highly celebratedBoy
Naamadharthe protector or defender of the name.Boy
Naamadolfirming in name, the firm nameBoy
Naamaharthe one who is endured by name.Boy
Naamanthe person who is being harmony with his taste or likings.Boy
Naamanandthe one who finds ecstasy in name.Boy
Naambhagatfollower of the Lord.Boy
Naambirthe bold one who think of the Lord.Boy
Naamcheetthe one who is remembering the name of the Lord.Boy
Naamchetanthe one who is alert of name.Boy
Naamdarshanthe revelation of the name.Boy
Naamdeepthe spotlight of name.Boy
Naamdeva writer or a saint.Boy
Naamdhanthe person who is receiving the fortune of the name.Boy
Naamdharamthe Spiritual celebration of name.Boy
Naamdheerthe one who is committed to his name.Boy
NaamdhianThe person is engaged with his name.Boy
NaamdhunThe tune or song of the name.Boy
NaamgeetThe tunes and melodies of name.Boy