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Baby names by Alphabet

Name Meaning Gender Favourites
Aanat One who is humble and very courteous Boy
Aanay Aanay is another name of Lord Ganesha. Boy
Aatman A happy soul or essence Boy
Aaushi One who is careful, knowledgeable and blessed with a long Life Girl
Ajey One who is invincible, unconquerable and successful Boy
Amoghvarsh Another name of Lord Ganesha. Also the name of a Jain king of medieval Maharashtra. Boy
Aneri One who is extraordinary Girl
Arhadas A variant of Arhant, meaning destroyer of enemies. Boy
Arhnath The name is derived from Arhant and means destroyer of enemies. Boy
Ativeer One who is extremely brave and courageous. Boy
Bhadrabahu Name of a famous Jain Acharya from medieval India. It means a pious and blessed man. Boy
Bhamandal Bhamandal is the name of Seeta's brother mentioned only in Jain Ramayan. Boy
Bharam Esteem, pride, reputation Boy
Bharateshwar The name is derived from Bharat and means being maintained. Boy
Bharatraj Another Jain variation of Bharat, meaning being maintained. Boy
Bhartendu Moon of India Boy
Bhavisha Future, one who can see the future. Girl
Bhranti Day dream Girl
Bramhila It's a variation of Bramhi, one of many names of Lord Saraswati. Girl
Chakreshwari Chakreshwari was the Yakshini of Lord Rishabhdev. Girl
Champapuri Champapuri is a variation of Champa, which is the name of a fragrant flower. Girl
Chamundrai The name of the commander in chief of Jain king Gangraj in medieval Karnataka. Boy
Chandanbala Chandanbala is derived from Chandana and means scented wood or sandalwood. Girl
Chandraprabhu The name of the 8th Tirthankara. It means lord of the moon. Boy
Chelana Awareness. It's the name of King Shrenik's wife. Girl
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