Complete List of Italian Baby Names with Meanings

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Baby names by Alphabet

Name Meaning Gender Favourites
Aberesh Derived from medieval form of Albanian in southern Italy communities Girl
Abriana Female variant of Abraham that means father of multitude Girl
Acciai The occupational name for one who hold axe or who work with axe Boy
Achille Old Greek - Pain; Lipless; Variant of Achilles Boy
Adelmo A hard and preserving noble Boy
Adrina A short form of adriana Girl
Aelda A warrior, one who fights war Girl
Agnello Lamb Boy
Agnesina A pure and virginal woman Girl
Agostino Venerated Girl
Agustin Latin - August, dignified, holy; A variant of name Augustine Boy
Agustino Italian form of Augustinus Boy
Agusto Venerated; majestic; dignified Boy
Alcina A sorceress who rules over a magical, strongwilled Girl
Aldina Old friend who deserves best in life Girl
Aldo Something old, archaic Boy
Alessandro Old Greek - Defender of Men; A variant of name Alexander Boy
Alf Gothic - Noble and Ready; English - Inspired Advice; Old Peace Derived from the element Alfr which means Elf; A variant of name Alfonso and Alfie Boy
Alfons Gothic - Noble and Ready; A variant form of the name Alfonso Boy
Alfonsus Gothic - Noble and Ready; A variant form of the name Alfonso Boy
Alfonzo Gothic - Noble and Ready; A variant form of the name Alfonso Boy
Alford English - old river crossing orford; Old English - inspired advice, Old Peace; A variant of name Alfred Boy
Alfric Elf King; A Variant of name Aelfric Boy
Alfrid Wise Counselor; Old English : Elf Counsel ; A variant of name Alfred Boy
Allegro Brisk, sprightly; has a great sense of humour Girl
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