Islam Baby Girl Names Starting With Z

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Islam Baby Names for Girl That Starts with Z List

ZaafirahVictorious, or successfulGirl
ZadaFortunate, Prosperous; Huntress; Lucky One; To increase; A variant spelling of ZaidaUnisex
ZafirahTriumphant, Successful; Victorious; WinnerGirl
ZahaTravelling Over a Dusty sky; Satisfied; Peaceable; Peaceful; A variant spelling is ZahaaGirl
ZaheeraPlant that has flowered; Helper, supporterGirl
ZahidaShe who is restrained, devoted to God; Devout, ascetic, a hermitGirl
ZahirahShining, luminousGirl
ZahraShining or flower; Fair Skinned; beautiful, bright, shining and brilliantGirl
ZahrahFlower, Blossom, BeautyGirl
ZahriyyahFlower-like, or flower vaseGirl
ZaibA graceful and beautiful woman.Girl
ZaimaLeader, a woman with leadership qualities.Girl
ZainaA girl who is exceptionally beautiful.Girl
ZainabFragrant blooming plant; Beauty; It was name of a daughter, a granddaughter, and two wives of the Prophet MuhammadGirl
ZaitunaOlive treeGirl
ZakiaA woman of great intelligence; IntelligentGirl
ZakiyahA lady of keen perception and sharp mindGirl
ZalaShine and brightnessGirl
ZaleekhahA variant of Zulaikha, meaning brilliant beauty.Girl
ZalikaOne who is well born.Girl
ZamaairHearts, or consciences.Girl