Islam Baby Girl Names Starting With K

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Name Meaning Gender Favourites
Kaameh Goal, wish Girl
Kaamisha A happy soul. Girl
Kaamnoosh Sweet wish or, sweet desire Girl
Kaasheen A place north of Ilam in Iran. Girl
Kabra Hoary, Heinous, Cardinal; White Girl
Kahkashan Stars; Galaxy; Girl
Kahnay A spontaneous and dedicated being Girl
Kaiah The name Kaiah in Native American means Little but Wise and in Greek means Pure Girl
Kaiala Kaiala name means Pure and Torture Girl
Kaida Kaida means Little Dragon Girl
Karo A bird, Pashto term for Mayna bird Girl
Kashm A historical and mythical Persian princess Girl
Kashwini Kashwini means Star Girl
Kasia Kasia means Bright, Pure Girl
Kasie Kasie name means Alert Girl
Kauser A River in Paradise; A Fountain in Heaven Girl
Kejal Gazelle Girl
Keje A girl of radiant beauty Girl
Kenza Treasure Girl
Ketifa Flowering; Blooming Girl
Khannah A merciful woman. Girl
Khaperai A girl as beautiful and dainty as a fairy Girl
Khatijah A name generally given to premature child. Girl
Khkulay A girl who is extremely beautiful Girl
Khudeeja A girl who is born before she is due, early baby, or premature baby. Girl
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