Islam Baby Girl Names Starting With F

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Name Meaning Gender Favourites
Faaghira She who is like a Jasmine flower Girl
Faakhira An excellent woman Girl
Faakhiree A woman who will surpass others Girl
Faaria A woman who is tall and slim Girl
Faatima A captivating woman who is abstinating Girl
Faatinah A woman who is facsinating people Girl
Fadela A woman who is known for her great honor Girl
Fadhila A woman who is abundant Girl
Fadilah She is a generous giver Girl
Faeema She who reached fame Girl
Faeiqa A superb and excellent woman Girl
Faghira She who smells like a JAsnime flower Girl
Fahada A woman who is like a panter Girl
Faham A deeply perceptive and astute woman Girl
Fahdah A girl who is gorgeous like a leopard Girl
Faheena A keen and smart one Girl
Fahimah She who knows a lot and is a very smart person Girl
Fahmara A girl with a great intellect Girl
Fahreta Fame, greatness, brilliance. Girl
Farahnoush One who is always happy, or one who is always joyous. Girl
Farashah A girl who is like a butterfly Girl
Fardoos One who loves gardens Girl
Fardowsa A garden that is highest in paradise Girl
Fareena A kind, merciful and charming young woman Girl
Fareeza One who is light Girl
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