Islam Baby Boy Names Starting With M

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Islam Baby Names for Boy That Starts with M List

MaheerA brave bold and courageous manBoy
MahzarPronouncement; Declaration or OpinionBoy
MaierBright and shiningBoy
MaieveenA variant spelling is Maievin which is a surnameBoy
MakanPlace; The name is used 28 times in Quran; A variant of name MakaanBoy
MalangMystic, saint, someone who is extremely passionate about somethingBoy
MalickA variant of name Malik; God; The King; Above all earthy rulersBoy
MalikiA variant of name Malik; God; The King; Above all earthy rulers; OwnerBoy
MalyarAn occupational term for gardenerBoy
Man'nahAngel's food.Boy
MasabName of a friend of Prophet Muhammad.Boy
MaumettuA variant of Muhammad, meaning praised or to praise.Boy
MaymuunOne who is blessed, thriving, prosperous.Boy
MazarName of a Medes general.Boy
MehrangColor of the sun.Boy
MertMert comes from the Persian word mard and means manly or man.Boy
MesichTurkish form of Mohammed. It means praise or praiseworthy.Boy
MinatbarA boy who is grateful and appreciativeBoy
MishkatA shelf to put the lanterns on.Boy
MizhirA place that is filled with flowers.Boy
MiznWhite cloud, or rain-bearing cloudBoy
MouribOne who is fluent and eloquent.Boy