Hungarian Baby Names With Meanings

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Hungarian Baby Names List

AneliaA form of Angela, meaning angel.Girl
ArpadThe Light of Redemption; WandererBoy
AtillaGothic - Little Father; Derived from element Atta which means FatherBoy
AttilaGothic - Little Father; Derived from element Atta which means FatherBoy
Bencafemale form of Bence, means she will conquerGirl
BotondA wawwior who wields maceBoy
BrordaA rib in HungarianBoy
CiliBlind; one who doesn't have the ability to seeGirl
CintiaHungarian word for Cynthia, the goddess of moonGirl
CsabaA gift sent fom heavenBoy
CsillaA shining starGirl
DankoA pet nameBoy
DenesFollower of God who love detailBoy
DomokosHe who Belongs to the GodBoy
DomonkosA practical, efficient and down to earth beingBoy
DorikaA precous gift sent from heavenGirl
DorjanA dark man; efficient and lovingBoy
DorottyaTheyare the God's gift; has special goalsGirl
Emathis means serious or grandmother or nurse or Wife of Jarl.Girl
Enikoa young female deer.Girl
Enima word relating to deer.Girl
Esztera Hungarian word meaning star.Girl
Esztia femininized Hungarian word which means star.Girl
Eufrozinamirth or merriment.Girl