Hindu Baby Names Starting With C

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Hindu Baby Names That Starts with C List

Cacharimoving quicklyBoy
CadrasvaA Hindi name for BoysBoy
CahanaDesire, AffectionGirl
CahayaLight or radiance.Girl
CahndravatiIlluminated by moonGirl
Cailraabsorbed in pleasure, as pleasant as the springBoy
CaitriBorn in spring, As BeautifulGirl
CakarakaA content BoyBoy
CakarpalaHe is contentBoy
CakoriShining, ContentGirl
CakraA wheel or a circle. Also means SunBoy
CakrabhrtAnother name for Lord Vishnu; discus bearerBoy
CakrabhujA disc holderBoy
CakradevaA Discus's KingBoy
CakradharaA name of Lord VishnuBoy
CakrakiOne who has the DiscusBoy
CakranemiFelly of a wheel, RingGirl
Cakrasamvaraa buddhaBoy
CakrasenaA leader of the armyBoy
CakravalaA circle of leadersBoy
CakravanaOne who has the Cakra, also he who worshipps VishnuBoy
Cakravartinpowerful, renowned, emperorBoy
CakravatAn Emperor of the DiscusBoy
CakravataA forceful manBoy