Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With N

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Hindu Baby Names for Girl That Starts with N List

NaamagalMagnificent Poetess, OratorGirl
NaavarasiMagnificent Poetess, OratorGirl
NaavyaWorth PraisingGirl
NabhanyaSpringing forth from the heavens, Ethereal, CelestialGirl
NabhasindhuRiver of the sky, Lightning, ThunderGirl
NabhasvatiBorn of the sky, Lighting, ThunderGirl
NabhyaMiddle, centre, mid, equal distance from both sides, Central, of the navelGirl
NachiniLiked oneGirl
NadanaMangaiBeautiful DancerGirl
NadanaManiBeautiful DancerGirl
NadanamBeautiful DanceGirl
NadantikaReed DestroyingGirl
NadeshaShe who was born of a river.Girl
NadvalaA quantity of needsGirl
NagakantiAwesome girlGirl
NagamatrMother of serpentsGirl
NagamitraFriend of the serpents, Another name of shivaGirl
NaganadiMountain riverGirl
NaganikaSerpent maidenGirl
NagasriThe wealth of the serpentsGirl
NagavithiA row of serpents the moon`s path, The serpents pathGirl
NagendriDaughter of the mountain lord, A river of Ancient indiaGirl
NagiA calm or a lull person; savedGirl