Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With G

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Hindu Baby Names for Girl That Starts with G List

GaandhaariWife of dhritarashtraGirl
GaargeeWife of yagyavalkya, a saintGirl
GaayatreeA sacred verse, a GoddessGirl
GabhastiRay, lightGirl
GadadeviMace lady, Visnu`s mace personified as a beautiful womanGirl
GaegiA name for a woman scholarl a rulerGirl
Gaganathe moving one, the sky, the heavenGirl
GaganadipikaLamp of the sky, Another name for the sunGirl
GaganasindhuOcean of the SkyGirl
GaganasriRefers to the blue color sky.Girl
Gaja LakshmiSpiritual Lakshmi, one of Hindu Gods.Girl
GajadantaLord Vishnu's wife or the spirit of fortune.Girl
GajagatiA gait as graceful as an elephantGirl
GajalakshmiGoddess LakshmiGirl
GajalyaGoddess NameGirl
GajamatiThe name of a great pearl or ornament.Girl
GajamuktaBig kind of a pearl.Girl
GajaraGarland of flowersGirl
GajlakshmeeGoddess LakshmiGirl
GamatiWith a flexible mindGirl
GaminWith a graceful gaitGirl
GamyaA beautiful destiny.Girl
GananayikaConsort of the lord of the ganasGirl
Ganavatifollowed by attendants, the mother of DivodasaGirl