Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With D

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Hindu Baby Names for Girl That Starts with D List

DadhichiA SageUnisex
DadhijaDaughter of milk, Born of curdGirl
DadhinadiRiver of milk and curdGirl
DahanapriyaBeloved of fire, The wife of agniGirl
DaityasenaOne who has an army of demonsGirl
DaiviA majestic goddess; Pious souleGirl
DajshiThe glorious oneGirl
DaksakanayAn able daughter, Daughter of DaksaGirl
DakseyuStriving for perfectionGirl
DakshaBrahma's Son; The Earth; Father of Sati, Father of Wife Of ShivaUnisex
DakshakanyaDaughter of DakshaGirl
DakshiSon of King Daksha ; The GloriousUnisex
DakshinyaGoddess ParvatiGirl
DalajaPure honeyGirl
DamandeepOne who destroysGirl
DamasvasriDama sister, Another name for damayantiGirl
DamyantiWife of Nala; beautifulGirl
DanatayaThe one who is pureGirl
DarareaksmeyA bright starGirl
DarmineeA religious personGirl
DarpanReflection; mirrorUnisex
DarpanikaSmall mirrorGirl
DarpitaThe proud oneGirl
DarsanaProcess of seeingGirl