Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With C

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Hindu Baby Names for Girl That Starts with C List

CahanaDesire, AffectionGirl
CahayaLight or radiance.Girl
CahndravatiIlluminated by moonGirl
CaitriBorn in spring, As BeautifulGirl
CakoriShining, ContentGirl
CakranemiFelly of a wheel, RingGirl
CaksaniSoothing to the eyes, IlluminatingGirl
CaksusiPreceptor, SeerGirl
CalamaEver moving goddessGirl
CamdravatiLit by the moon, BrilliantGirl
CameliA Jasmine flowerGirl
CampakaliA bud of the Campaka treeGirl
CampesaA Lord of Anga townGirl
CampikaLittle Champa flowerGirl
CamundaSlayer of Canda and MundaGirl
CamundiOne who slayed the Chamunda demonGirl
CandaliniGlorious, A tantric goddessGirl
CandanayikaSlayer of canda, A minor form of durgaGirl
CandaniMoonlight, FairGirl
CandarupaTerriable in form, A godnessGirl
CandavatiSlayer of candaGirl
CandikaSlayer of Canda, Fierce womanGirl
CandraShe is of the moon; bright, a red pearl, eye of a peacock's tailUnisex
CandragauriAs fair as he moon, extremely fairGirl
CandrakalaThe segment of the moonGirl