Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With J

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Hindu Baby Names for Boy That Starts with J List

JagsheetalBringing peace to the World; One who calms and brings harmony in the worldBoy
JagtaranEmancipator of the World; Liberator of the World; One who unleashes of the WorldBoy
JagtekSupport of the World; One who holds up the World; One who maintains the worldBoy
JagveerWarrior of the World; Brave, Courageous and Mighty defender of the WorldBoy
JahnavA Hindu Rishi, the one who kept Ganga on lis legsBoy
Jahusaleftover, a son of puspavatBoy
Jai krishnaLord Krishna's victoryBoy
JaibhagwanHonour to God (inner light); Respect to God; Salute to the spirit within youBoy
JaibhusanaOrnament of Victory; Adornment of Victory; Embellishment of VictoryBoy
JaibhushanOrnament of Victory; Adornment of Victory; Embellishment of VictoryBoy
JaibirVictory of the Brave; Victory of the Mighty and Courageous warriorBoy
JaichandVictory of the Moon; Honour of the Moon; Salutation to the Moon;Boy
JaichandaMoon Among Victors; Honour of the Moon; Salutation to the Moon;Boy
JaicharanVictory of Flowers;Boy
JaideepVictory to the Light; Victory to the Brightness and Radiance of a Flame;Boy
JaidevaLord of Triumph; lord of victory, a king of gujarat (738 A.D.)Boy
JaidharaBearer of VictoryBoy
JaidhwajFlag of Victory; Symbol of Victory; Flag of TriumphBoy
JaidvalPowerful; Strong; Brave; Courageous; MightyBoy
JaighatVictorious; Winner; Triumphant; SuccessfulBoy
JaigopalVictory of Lord Krishna; Triumph of Lord Krishna; A Salutation to Lord KrishnaBoy
JaiguptProtected by Victory; Defended by Triumph; Guarded by SuccessBoy
JaijoWin; Be victorious; Triumphant; Be successfulBoy